Puppy Classes

Available For:

1) Shop Visit

2) Home Visit

3) Board & Train

Are you lost about what is expected of you or how best to teach your little adorable furball? Are your puppy’s toilet habits driving you mad? This course is best for first-time dog pawrents.

Our puppy classes cover all the essential bases on how to be a good owner, and how you can best raise a well-balanced pup.

The syllabus for our puppy classes which uses positive-only methods includes:

1) Resource guarding 

2) Differentiate between teething and mouthing off

3) Socialization

4) House training

5) Basic grooming

6) Veterinary concerns

7) Regulatory requirements

Start your puppy off right and you could avoid a lot of problems later on in their life!

Basic Obedience

Available For:

1) Shop Visit 

2) Home Visit

3) Board & Train

The Obedience Course is useful to establish clear boundaries and can be used as a solid foundation to build on for inculcating other good behavioral patterns in your furkid. It also imbibes in your furkid a sense of confidence, whatever the situation. Dogs who go through our obedience course have a far lower probability of developing aggression or anxiety issues. 

The syllabus for our Obedience Course includes:

1) The Recall

2) Basic commands of Sit, Stay, Down

3) Compound commands of Sit-Stay, Down-Stay

4) Heeling on and off leash

5) Off Command

Behavioural Modification

Available For:

1) Shop Visit

2) Home Visit

3) Board & Train

No dog is perfect, nor should they be expected to be. We love our furballs of joy and loyalty as they are. But there are a variety of behavioural conditions that can be serious enough to cause him to be a danger or a nuisance to either himself or the people around him.

Often, the negative behavioural patterns he is displaying is symptomatic of a deeper problem, causing him to act out. This is where behavioural correction is essential.

Some issues that we can help alleviate includes: 

1) Aggression towards strangers

2) Biting

3) Entry point charging

4) Inappropriate toilet habits

5) Destructive behaviour

6) Chasing people and other animals

7) Jumping at guests

8) Resource guarding

9) Food Aggression

10) Seperation anxiety

11) Excessive Barking